• Address:  Ocean Road Ipak Bay, North West, Tanna, Vanuatu
  • Phone:  +678 565 1300
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Taken some great shots of Tanna or the resort?

Let us know, we will post them in our FB and IG pages with full credits.

Please feel free to use the hashtag #tanna_rockwater on social media when showcasing your images.



If you are an established photographer, drone-grapher, or videographer coming to Tanna Island

and would like to include Rockwater in your next project, I would love to hear from you... think of us as your local base.

We have coordinated numerous itineraries for pros and those passionate enthusiasts who love to shoot awe-inspiring images.

I might even join you! Until then, happy snapping,

John Nicholls



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  • Rockwater Resort Aerial
    Aerial of Rockwater Resort

  • Rockwater Resort Tanna Coral Gardens
    Aerial View of Coral Gardens

  • Rockwater Resort Tanna
    Resort aerial & tour features

  • Rockwater Resort & Reef Aerial
    Areal view of Rockwater Resort & Marine Park

  • Rockwater Swimming Pool
    Creating our Swimming Pools

  • Rockwater Marine Park
    Snorkelling in the protected Marine Park

  • Having Fun on Ash Plains
    Mt. Yasur Volcano, Tanna Island, Vanuatu

  • Tanna Island.... so much more
    Tanna Island, Vanuatu

  • Blue Cave with Love
    Blue Cave, Tanna Island, Vanuatu

  • Your journey to Mt. Yasur Volcano
    Mt. Yasur Volcano Safari

  • Discover the Blue Cave
    Blue Cave, Tanna Island, Vanuatu

  • Giant Banyan as you've never seen before
    Giant Banyan Tree

  • Stay at Rockwater Resort, Tanna Island, Vanuatu