• Address:  Ocean Road Ipak Bay, North West, Tanna, Vanuatu
  • Phone:  +678 565 1300
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About Us

About Us

Rockwater is a dream come true. Crafted by hand from the limestone cliffs, We even made our 30,000+ bricks by hand as we could not find the quality we required. All our furniture is made in-house from the beautiful Tanna hardwoods by our local artisans.

When conceptualizing Rockwater we looked at the generic; the predictable, and did the opposite by improving guests comfort, safety and atmospherics. Welcome to Tanna’s first cyclone; tsunami, and fire proof resort.

Rockwater has been created for those seeking authenticity; life without stress or ostentation; those who want to explore and experience the real Tanna, not just a tour. Those in search of real food cooked and served with the heartfelt love of it. Those that prefer humour over pomp and ceremony; truth over embellishment.

Fully committed to our green responsibilities we are setting high benchmarks in sustainability to protect this special place, called Ipak Bay.

Rockwaters’ steadfast commitment to improving the lives of local community is demonstrated in providing the highest wages and employment conditions on Tanna Island. Teaching local people skills in hospitality, environmental management, touring, business practices, building, carpentry and many other professions commenced in 2015. We are now expanding into agriculture. If you wish to learn more or assist in Rockwater’s Give Back policy, please contact us. We have a network of schools if you wish to donate school supplies. 

We look forward to welcoming you,

John, Silvana and our Team